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General terms and conditions of contract

Colinas Green Golf S.L. offers its products and services under the present Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to read and accept these terms and conditions before making any reservation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:   

Colinas Green Golf S.L. CIF B83977868 and registered office at C/Luchana 23, 7ª; Madrid, e-mail:, telephone: +34 965 32 40 04.  

Once you have made and paid for a reservation, it is understood that you have accepted theseTerms and Conditions for all legal purposes.   

These Terms and Conditions may be modified (updated) at any time, without prior notification. The modified (updated) versions of the Terms and Conditions will appear on this Website and will be applicable immediately. 

You are responsible for reviewing them in every purchase of the services offered by Colinas on this Website. Each reservation will be enforced by theTerms and Conditions in force at the time the reservation was confirmed.  



The process of purchasing and making your reservation can be done in very simple steps. You must be registered and/or authenticated on the Website in order to make your reservations. If you are registered, you will be able to see details of the reservations you have made on our site while authenticated, as well as to request their cancellation or modification.    

The user who makes the reservations and pays the total amount of the same does so on behalf of and with the consent of all persons for whom the reservation is completed.   

Before paying for your reservation, you must confirm the details of all reservations included in the reservation. If you do not agree, you have the possibility to modify your details as well as to add and/or delete reservations. Once your reservation details have been confirmed and payment has been made correctly, the reservation will be final and any modification will be subject to the provisions of the Modification and Cancellation section. 

The total amount of the reservation must be paid online in advance. In the event that the payment attempt is unsuccessful, you will be given the opportunity to retry the payment. If this is not possible, the system will cancel the request and the reservation will have to be restarted.   

The following payment methods can be used online: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard and American Express. These payment methods are immediate, secure and confidential and will be made through secure payment gateways.   

Once a reservation has been made and payment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after the reservation has been made. This confirmation will be sufficient proof of the contracting of the service.   

The reservation process will be formalised in Spanish.  



You may modify the date or time of a confirmed reservation, as well as the number of players (can add or reduce players), up to 48 hours before the date of the reservation. The modifications will in fact be simultaneous confirmations and new reservations, so until the corresponding incremental amount is paid, if applicable, or the new reservation with the requested modification is confirmed by e-mail, the previous reservation will not be considered cancelled. In any case, a reservation may only be cancelled or modified with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. With a shorter notice the modification will not be possible and the conditions of the reservation will not be refunded or modified.   

Modification before the indicated deadline will not entail any additional cost (excluding any increase in price that the new reservation may entail with respect to the original reservation that is modified). On the other hand, cancellation will entail the loss of part of the amount already paid, depending on how far in advance the cancellation is made.  Specifically, the cancellation refund policy is as follows:   

Refund of 100% of the price of the reservation for cancellations with the notice indicated below, depending on the number of players:   

  • 1 to 15 players: 48 hours  
  • 16 to 27 players: 14 days   
  • 28 or more players: 28 days   

Modification or cancellation of a confirmed reservation can be made by any of the following means:   

If you are a registered user, you can do it through My Reservations.   

If you do not have a password or do not want to use the above method, you can send the reservation request, modification or cancellation in advance to For the modification or cancellation of the reservation, it must be requested from the e-mail address associated with the reservation, identifying the confirmation code of the reservation to be modified or cancelled.   

Any amount to be refunded as a result of the cancellation or modification of a reservation will be made, in general, by the same route by which the deposit was received at the time of its formalization.  



Players must attend to and respect the indications they receive from Colinas employees, as these represent the Management Bodies in the fulfilment of their duties, and their mission is to enforce the instructions emanating from them.    


All players must:   

  • Repair divots using the sand provide on the buggy. 
  • All bunkers must be raked on completion, and the rake placed half in and half out of the bunker.  
  • Please repair all pitchmarks in the correct manner. Instructions can be found in the golf shop or caddy master.
  • Smoking and the disposal of such, is strictly forbidden in the vicinity of wooded areas.   

Buggy Use: 

  • All players must follow the instructions indicated on the GPS system and follow all signs for entering and exiting the fairways. Buggies must remain n the cart path when instructed to do so.
  • Carts must be occupied by a maximum of two people and under no circumstances may they be driven by children under the age of 18, or 17 with a recognized driving license. 



  • Non golfers may access the golf course to accompany players, but only by prior authorization. Failure to have authorization prior to the game, may result in access being denied.
  • All players must be in possession of a valid license issued by the federation or competent body of their country of origin. The maximum handicap allowed for Ladies is 36 and for Gentlemen 28.   
  • In any case, Colinas reserves the right to deny access to the golf course if a golfer’s level of play is not sufficient to maintain the appropriate pace of play on the course, regardless of his or her official handicap.    
  • Golf matches of more than four players are prohibited.   
  • Las Colinas reserves the right to complete the match in the event of a reservation of less than 4 players.   
  • The order of the holes of the designated course must be followed and they must not be played out of sequence. 
  • All players shall avoid slow play and shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any guidelines that may be laid down by the management. At all times, they must follow any instructions that the player assistant may give them in this respect. In order not to lose their position on the course, the player assistant may, if necessary, carry out the time controls he considers appropriate and shall have the authority to regulate play at his discretion. The player assistant has full control to ask groups to walk holes, or leave the course, should this not be adhered to:  
  • Players must cooperate to ensure that the course is kept in a perfectly clean condition. Therefore, players must use the litter bins provided on the tees and must not drop any objects such as drinks cans, paper, cigarette butts, etc.   
  • It is compulsory for players to follow the instructions established by the Club for the temporary or definitive suspension of the game and evacuation of the course in the event of a thunderstorm or danger of lightning. An audible and visual display will appear on the buggy GPS screen. 


  • All shirts must have a collar, either short or long sleeved with the exception of collarless shirts specifically designed for golf.   
  • Rugby or football shirts are prohibited, as are shirts with inappropriate words or slogans. 
  • All types or colours of jeans, military style trousers, combat trousers (with many pockets) or camouflage, ripped, or tracksuit trousers are not permitted. 
  • Only shoes designed for the purpose of playing golf are permitted.  
  • Mobile phones must remain switched off except when it is necessary to make an emergency call. In such a case, please do so with appropriate discretion.  
  • All staff are authorised to refuse any golfer whose attire does not comply with the dress code access to the course or practice facilities. 
  • Golfers who are uncooperative or abusive to staff will be asked to leave the premises.  



If the course has to be closed on game day due to adverse weather conditions, we will find an alternative time or offer you a rain check gift voucher.

To receive an alternative time, and or rain check, the course must be officially closed by the management of Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. Heavy or persistent rain, that does not warrant a closure, is not sufficient reason.

The rain check voucher will be valid for 12 months, from the day of play. This voucher has no monetary value and is only valid for the completion of the golf round, as indicated on it. If there is a difference in the daily rate from when the voucher was issued, to the new day of play, no additional charges will be made from the client to Las Colinas, or any refund or compensation from Las Colinas to the client. 


Colinas Green Golf S.L. reserves the right to invite to leave the premises or to refuse access to the premises to any person who does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.  


General Practice

  • Access to Las Colinas practice facilities is per hour and multiples thereof
  • This includes unlimited golf balls, access to all practice facilities, plus access to Toptracer mobile
  • To access Toptracer, the range user must have an account with Toptracer and access to the application
  • Access to Toptracer, once payment has been made, will be via the QR code issued in the golf shop
  • The charges for practice are for all the facilities, whether they are used or not
  • The receipt from the golf shop indicating time purchased, must be handed to the caddy master, prior to practicing
  • The time of use commences once the player reaches the practice facility of their choosing
  • Additional time may be purchased from the golf shop, subject to availability
  • Las Colinas management has the rights to remove any person or persons, who are misusing the practice facilities or causing disruption to other guests
  • Rain checks may be given in the event of extremes of weather that cause severe disruption. These are at the management’s discretion
  • Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has the right to close the facilities at any time, without prior notice and a rain check issued if applicable
  • Prices are subject to change at any time, without prior notification. Applicable rates will always be publicly available online or via the golf shop on request

Monitor Use

  • Access to Toptracer Monitor is charged per hour and multiples thereof
  • Each session is to consist of a minimum of 2 persons, with a maximum of 4 per bay
  • Under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Each person playing must register in the shop, in person
  • From purchase, clients have 10 minutes to reach their allocated bay, before the time bought, starts to expire
  • Access can be made without the application, but certain functions will not be available.
  • To access all the functions, scan the QR code on screen via the Toptracer app
  • Once the time has expired, the system will turn off automatically
  • Additional time may be purchased in the golf shop, subject to availability
  • The receipt from the golf shop indicating time purchased, plus the number of players, must be handed to the caddy master, prior to access
  • Las Colinas management has the rights to remove any person or persons, who are misusing the Toptracer system or causing disruption to other guests
  • Rain checks may be given in the event of extremes of weather that cause severe disruption. These are at the management’s discretion
  • Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has the right to close the facilities at any time, without prior notice and a rain check issued if applicable
  • Prices are subject to change at any time, without prior notification Applicable rates will always be publicly available online or via the golf shop on request


Minimum 4 people per box, maximum 8 people per box
Duration: 3 hours, evening time

  • Use of Toptracer Monitor and access to all the games for 3 hours
  • Unlimited food and drinks* included during the 3 hours (orders to be placed in the FoodTruck that will be located next to the boxes).

*Drinks included: wine, beer, soft drinks and water. Premium drinks available with an extra charge
The experience must be prepaid at the time of booking

Cancellation policy: If made 7 days or more prior to the event, a full refund will be given. Cancellations made from 7 days to 48 hours prior, will be charged 50% of the total fee. Cancellations within 48 hours or no shows will be charged the full amount

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has the right to cancel the event at any time prior to or during due to inclement weather. Inclement weather includes rain, high winds and extreme temperatures that may place the client in danger or make the event impossible to take place. Rain checks will be issued accordingly. Within the first hour 50% rain check, after 1 hour, no refund

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has the right to cancel the event if a minimum of 12 people have not been reserved for that day in which case the full amount will be refunded

Rental Clubs are included in the package but all sets must be reserved in advance through the golf reception, by email or by phone: 0034 965 32 40 04