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Information on the use of images taken at events

The right to one’s own image is recognized in article 18.1 of the Constitution and regulated by Organic Law 1/1982 on civil protection of the right to honor and one’s own image, legitimizing the disclosure of images of people as long as the owner of the right give your express consent. Likewise, current regulations on the protection of personal data allow the use and dissemination of images with prior information and consent from the owner.

We hereby inform you that certain spaces will be set up at the event to take photographs of those attending the event who so wish. If you do not consent to the taking of your image, you must refrain from posing in these spaces (photocall, award ceremony podium or similar). Posing in these spaces in front of the photographer constitutes an express act of acceptance of the taking and subsequent treatment of his image, in the terms indicated below.

Regulatory regulations: Organic Law 1/1982 on civil protection of the right to honor and self-image, and current regulations on the protection of personal data (RGPD and LOPDPGDD).

Responsible: Gmp Property SOCIMI S.A. (hereinafter also referred to as the Entity). To make any query regarding the processing of data in accordance with what is set forth herein, you can contact the Data Protection Officer by writing to:

Purpose: Promote and publicize the Event through the corporate social networks of Gmp Property SOCIMI S.A.

Legitimation: The legal basis for the treatment of your data (taking and subsequent use of your image) is the consent given at the time of voluntarily participating in the precise pose for taking the photograph, having previously had this information.

It is possible that at certain events, in addition to posing photographs, resource photographs may be taken in which, incidentally, people attending the event may appear inadvertently. In these cases, the treatment of the images that may be taken will be based on the legitimate interest of Gmp Property SOCIMI S.A. in promoting and advertising your brand event. To guarantee the privacy of the people who attend the event, the following security measures will be taken; As far as technically possible, the images will be edited so that the people who appear in them are not recognizable without having actively and consciously participated in the pose, and a space identified as a photographic exclusion zone will be delimited.

Given the voluntary nature of taking photographs, it is stated that the act of posing involves consent and free transfer of rights.

Recipients: The images are intended for public dissemination on social networks, web pages and internal communication media of Gmp Property SOCIMI S.A. Gmp Property SOCIMI S.A. It is not responsible for the use that third parties who can access to view social networks, make of them. Consequently, if you do not want your image to be available on the internet, do not participate in the shooting.

Conservation time: The photographs taken may be published by Gmp Property SOCIMI S.A., on their social media profiles and website. Images that are not published within one month of the Event will be destroyed. The published images may remain online indefinitely.

Rights: You can exercise your rights of access, opposition, rectification, cancellation, portability and limitation and oblivion, by contacting Likewise, you can file a claim with the competent Data Protection Control Authority on the web

Gmp Property SOCIMI S.A. Updated October 2021